Social media platform That everyone uses

Facebook is massive now, as it holds the largest social network around New Zealand the rest of the world. Facebook allows your company to target any specific types of people such as where are my customers located?; What demographics (age, race, and gender, and among others) we can use to reach our potential customers; and what type of hobbies and interests they have that allows the company to sell the products and services to them.


Who’s on Facebook?

Nearly everyone in New Zealand with an internet connection is using Facebook to get involved in social interactions with among other users such as friends, family, and other users that are involved with the particular activity.

No matter what age you are targeting, Cloud Media team will ensure that your product or service reaches the right target audience and we will find any age group you are looking for.

How does Cloud Media Market on Facebook?

Cloud Media uses three important tools to help your business reach the targeted audience:

Similar to Facebook user profiles, Cloud Media develops Facebook pages for businesses and organizations. Users who have liked your page will instantly receive all the updates in their news feed.

Cloud Media will help develop an excellent Facebook page that will drive your audience to engage with your products and services.

Here are some content creation tools we use to develop an effective Facebook Page:

Recognizable Profile Picture- Easy for your audience to remember your brand name.

  • Engaging Cover Photo- Attractive cover photo developed by our team with high quality and engages your visitors.
  • Call to Action (CTA) button on Facebook Page- effective CTA that will drive our audience straight to your company website.
  • Effective About section with basic business information and company’s milestones- an effective company’s information that encourages audiences to emotionally invest with your brand.
  • Much more!

Facebook advertisement have an effective approach to advertising your product or service to your target audience. Cloud Media team will develop a strategic Facebook advertisement that will meet the core needs of your targeted audience.

Types of Facebook Ads We Develop:

  • Direct advertisements that link to your Facebook page or your company website.
  • Promotional advertisements that can be used to promote your Facebook events with entire RSVP link.
  • Advertisements that can promote your mobile apps or app user engagement.

Benefits of Facebook Advertisements with Cloud Media:

  • Increases brand awareness.
  • Increases traffic to your website visitors.
  • Cost effective advertisements.
  • Making sure that the viewer of the ad gets the right message.
  • Knowledge of effective ad targeting parameters.

Similar to discussion forums, Cloud Media has the ability to set up Facebook groups that relate to your products or services that have a way to reach out your potential customers. Groups encourage high-levels of social involvement.

Why should you choose Cloud Media for Facebook Marketing?

Cloud Media has the years of experience that can help your business to increase its brand awareness to developing potential customers. We are dedicated to gathering more leads that can be turned into an actual customer. We want your business to make profits and by using our Facebook marketing approaches, you will be able to reach those profit goals when we have communicated your brand message appropriately to your targeted audience easily.

Cloud Media team will also guide you through on how to manage Facebook user engagement and what to post on Facebook pages and groups. Therefore, effectively building our customer base through Facebook, your customers will likely become brand loyal to products/services and more likely to be responsive with your company.

Ready to grow your business on Facebook?