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Make your website more secure & IMPROVE GOOGLE RANKING FAST

Do you know that top 40% websites ranking in Google have https servers?

It’s almost now 3 years, since (August, 2014) Google announced that HTTPS is a ranking signal. Now 3 years later. Although only less than 1% of all websites are secure ( talk about getting ahead of the competition! ), 40% of Google’s page one organic search results feature an HTTPS sites.

Google has encouraged webmasters to make the migration to a secure site for a while now and is been giving an increasing amount of weight in ranking boosts to websites that are HTTPS.


Here are some more facts which may endorse the https secure websites:

  • Google Chrome started showing in their browser that website is not secure.

  • https is secure than http. It encrypt the data transfer to prevent unauthorised access.

  • SSL keeps data safe from corruption while transfer.

  • Website loading speed is much faster than http.

  • Better ranking generate more leads and users trust on secured websites.

  • Most of the Browsers started label http pages as unsecure.







No doubt there are other SEO factors and best practices which effect your google ranking but making your website more secure will be rewarded by Google in coming months.

So, it’s time to upgrade your website with secure HTTPS connection and we can help to get the certificate installed on your website.You better be wondering how to get, where to buy and who will install the SSL certificate.

Please allow us and we will do all this work for you. It’s a technical process which involves the web hosting company and we will talk on behalf of you to get this done.

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