Digital Marketing

We plan, strategise, create, and execute digital marketing campaigns to drive traffic & generate results.

All Your Digital Marketing Services In One Agency.

Streamline all your digital marketing activities with us while you focus on other parts of the business stress-free. We plan your strategies, keywords, campaigns and execute all of them to generate your business sales and enquiries. Our team specialises in gaining customers through the service industry and focusing on gaining conversions for the e-commerce industry for our clients.

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Pay Per Click Advertising


Google Ads

Advertise your business to customers who are searching for your products or services in Google search. Pay only when a visitor clicks on your website or when they contact you via phone call.

Google Merchant Ads

Selling products in your online store? Google Shopping Ads directly feeds your product images and information on the Google search engine. We’ll optimise your store and products for the search results. Convenient for shoppers to search for products you offer and easier to reach more potential customers.

Facebook Ads

Over 3 million kiwis use Facebook as their social media network. When you run Facebook ads, you have the potential to reach many users to help your business generate brand awareness, leads, and e-commerce sales online. To get the right results, you need knowledge and experience on how to spend Facebook ad budget efficiently. We’ll combine our Facebook ad strategies in our campaigns using engaging content, detailed targeting and ad budget to reach your ideal audience.


Instagram Ads

Reach your engaged audience with highly visual Instagram ads. You can choose exactly who you want to target with your ads, saving on ad spend and scaling your campaigns for a higher ROI.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used to optimise your website’s visibility on search engines so that your business can be found in organic search by your potential customers. No matter how impressive your website is, it’ll be a billboard in the desert without the help of SEO. Our SEO strategies will boost your website ranking on Google search results.


Content Marketing

Become a leading business in your industry. Build and strengthen your business relationship with your current and potential customers by creating educational content for them. Cloud Media specialises in content marketing strategies through social media content, blog posts, and email marketing to help you create value for your audience.