Google Has Announced “Mobile-First Indexing Strategy” for Websites

Good and Bad News for Website Owners: “Google has announced “Mobile-First Indexing” for websites and how it may effect you
According to Google’s new update which is coming into effect from this month, Google will rank and index the mobile version of the website first. In another way to say, Google will index Mobile website, not the desktop version.

This is happening because of the growing number of searches performed on mobile devices and they want to provide the better user experience. Also, they have recently announced beginning in July 2018, content that is slow-loading may perform less well for both desktop and mobile searchers.

So let’s break down how this update will affect you depending on what kind of website you have:

1. Desktop-only website:

Google will still rank and index your website, but it may effect Search Engine Results.

2. Both desktop and mobile versions:

Your mobile website will rank first and you must optimize (SEO) it properly.

3. Responsive website:

You are lucky and you have only one website which works for mobile and desktop and that site is already optimized to provide an excellent mobile experience.

4. Mobile Apps/AMP:

Mobile apps may not be affected, as they are searched through Google play store.

So what to next?

First, make sure to check if you have a mobile-ready website. You can check on Google’s official site and the link is below:

Also, you can audit your website online which will provide detailed SEO Audit information including page speed tests about your website with the recommendation to optimize it for mobile and Google Search Engine.

Hope that will give a better idea and if you have any further query you can contact us.