Google has announced “Mobile-First Indexing Strategy” for websites


Good and Bad News for Website Owners: “Google has announced “Mobile-First Indexing” for websites and how it may effect you
According to Google’s new update which is coming into effect from this month, Google will rank and index the mobile version of the website first. In another way to say, Google will index Mobile website, not the desktop version.

This is happening because of the growing number of searches performed on mobile devices and they want to provide the better user experience. Also, they have recently announced beginning in July 2018, content that is slow-loading may perform less well for both desktop and mobile searchers.

So let’s break down how this update will affect you depending on what kind of website you have:

  1. Desktop-only website: Google will still rank and index your website, but it may effect Search Engine Results.
  2. Both desktop and mobile versions: Your mobile website will rank first and you must optimize (SEO) it properly.
  3. Responsive website: You are lucky and you have only one website which works for mobile and desktop and that site is already optimized to provide an excellent mobile experience.
  4. Mobile Apps/AMP: Mobile apps may not be affected, as they are searched through Google play store.

So what to next?

First, make sure to check if you have a mobile ready website. You can check on the Google’s official site and the link is below:

Also you can check on the tool provided by Cloud Media which will provide detailed SEO Audit information including page speed test about your website with the recommendation to optimize it for mobile and Google Search Engine.

Hope that will give a better idea and if you have any further query you can contact us.

SEO Web Design Tips and Tricks To Get High Google Ranking

Are you ranking in Google? Here are best tips for SEO Web Design which will help you to rank better and generate more business:

  • Submit Your Website to All Major Search Engines
  • Submit Your Website to Web Directories
  • Write and Submit Articles on E-Zine Articles
  • Write Comments on other Websites and Back Link to Your Web Pages
  • Exchange The Links With Other Websites
  • Start Writing Your Own Blog
  • Become Social Media Community Member
  • Optimize Web-pages With Keyword Related To Your Business
  • Add a Site Map to Your Website

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10 Simply Best Tips for Improving Your Website Design

The website is one of the most important part of your business and should be treated as ASSET IN YOUR BUSINESS. Most of the business people gets so much involved in their day to day business that they sometimes forget about their BRAND ONLINE. Your website works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, so it is your marketing broucher which is visible whole year. So we have complied some tips which may help you to get streamline your website inline. Hope it is useful to you.

Have professional logo representing your brand?

Represent your brand every where same, on your print material as well as on website. Keep the same design and colors of the logo all over and it is recommended to keep the logo on top left corner of the website.

Have easy to use navigation menu?

Keep the navigation menu simple and easy to use so that users can easily navigate from one page to other. Also keep the navigation consistent on all the pages.

Use colors matching with your brand

Try to keep the colors matching to your brand identity so that clients can see the consistency all over on you print material and website.

Choose fonts that are easy to read on all the browsers and latest devices

Use simple fonts which are easy to read and keep the fonts color black with white background which is easy to read and soft on eyes. As most computer (pc or mac) does not support the fancy fonts so try to use the simple default fonts which can be easily available on all the computers.

Use responsive website design

Now a days most of your users are using mobiles, tablets and computers on same time, so try to have website which is easily optimized on all latest devices. So your website should fit on computer as well latest devices easily.

Avoid flash

Try to avoid flash for making some kind of animation to give good effects to images. There are lot of different ways to get same result like sliding images, flashing banners. So this all now can be achieved using JavaScript and JQuery after effects.

Have contact form?

Have a contact form which your users can fill and submit to get some kind of feedback from you.

Have about us page?

This is the most important page on your website. Research shows that most visited page on any website is about us page. So have about us page with detailed information about you/your company and google also gives an importance to this page and index the about us page fast.

Give reason to take action

Visitor on your website should leave his name and contact information so that you can contact him later is one the most important action plan. So create a small email capturing system to collect their information in return of some information you provide them free of cost. So you can give some free tips/ebook/gift voucher to your visitors and collect their contact information.

Ask for Testimonials/ Reviews

Always ask for reviews from your happy customers and add them to your testimonial/review page. This is also very important page which gives your clients a reason to trust you. Also try to display 5 star images which speaks more than words.

Hope the website design tips may improve your website business. Best Of Luck

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